Education for Sustainability: Quality Education Is A Necessity in Modern Day. How Far do the Educational Institutions Facilitate Quality Education?




From generation to generation time changes affecting culture and the way people live and their society as well. A change in time prompts new inventions and technologies, the twenty-first century where scientific inventions and the latest of technologies are the basis of trade. It is evident that as years go by there comes along sophistication and need for education that fits the times that we live in arises. The transition in the teaching system offered in educational institutions and the introduction of technology in educational institutions are a clear indication that education has to be of certain quality to meet the certain standards in the market. Therefore it is relevant to train and equip individuals within the tertiary institutions with quality skills to attain sustainability. By equipping university graduates with the necessary skills to meet the standard of the demand in the market, would this mean organisations they are to be recruited in would able to be at par with sustainable environment they operate in. This research however is aimed at showcasing the importance of producing quality graduates by tertiary institutions that meet the market demand and also with relevant qualifications thus making these graduates employable and most suitable for the job. Furthermore this research seeks to explore how far Botho University provide quality education basing on the perspective of the students.



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