Onderwijsmodule voor Het Hoger Agrarisch Onderwijs. Deel 2: EutrophicationObserved by Remote Sensing. An Educational Approach to Water Quality Monitoring (Educational Module for the Higher Agricultural Education. Part 2: Eutrophication Observed by Remote

机译:Onderwijsmodule voor Het Hoger agrarisch Onderwijs。 Deel 2:通过遥感观察到的富营养化。水质监测教育方法(高等农业教育教育模块。第2部分:远程教育观察的富营养化)



The eutrophication of surface waters, in particular of lakes in the Netherlands,were studied using remote sensing imagery. LANDSAT Thematic Mapper satellite images were studied to gain insight in the spatial patterns of eutrophication processes in the Frisian lakes as indicated by water coloring. The educational aspects of this study were managed with the image processing module of IDRISI, an educational, grid based geographic analysis system software package of Eastman.



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