Lieutenants Professional Development In An Institutional/Occupational (I/O) andOfficer Professional Development (OPD) Context

机译:中尉在机构/职业(I / O)和职业专业发展(OpD)背景下的专业发展



This paper examines the Air Force officer corps in terms of the needs of itsjunior officers for a grounding in officership. It validates the I/O concepts of military professionalism and compares it with recent trends in the Air Force to combat careerism that have been codified under the term OPD. The paper evaluates the degree of institutionalism among junior Air Force officers and attempts to discover what mechanisms exists to draw them away from institutionalism and toward a more occupational outlook. The relationship of OPD to I/O is discussed and lieutenants development programs are compared among the four Services. The paper concludes that, while OPD made a major contribution toward moving the Air Force officer corps away from careerism, it missed the mark in terms of institutionalizing lieutenants. Subtle changes in emphasis in OPD are necessary to counter this and an initiative originally recommended by the OPD Working Group but not approved, should be reconsidered.



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