Tutorial T5: The World beyond DRC: Design for Manufacturing (DFM) - Impact on Yield Reliability for Advanced Technology Nodes and Their Elucidations

机译:教程T5:超越DRC的世界:制造设计(DFM) - 对先进技术节点及其阐释的影响 - 对产量和可靠性的影响及其阐释



Summary form only given, as follows. The complete presentation was not made available for publication as part of the conference proceedings. As we pace towards advanced technologies there is an assorted increase in design intricacies and accurate layout requirements. To meet the demanding specifications without compromising the time to market, designers look for precise first-pass silicon with first-class yield. The traditional Design Rule Checks (DRCs) cannot capture all the layout related issues that degrade the circuit yield and reliability. The rule-based DRCs considered as the mainstay of the layout verification have been augmented by latest DFM techniques in the last few years. In the first part of our tutorial, we will present various yield limiting layout issues arising from lack of DFM uses, such as how DFM issues lead to yield and reliability impacts on advance technology nodes like 28nm and below. This forces industry to think beyond DRC and mandate DFM for better yield and reliability. We will also discuss different degrees of DFM and its scoring used in industry. In the second part we will discuss Litho Process Checking (LPC): what are the challenging layout limiting configurations, how to detectclassify and fix them. We will cover cutting-edge approaches from EDA tools and foundries ranging from full process simulation based hotspots detection kits, to fast pattern matching based kits. We will discuss our analysis of these techniques in terms of finding hotspots, efforts to implement & use, and improvement in speed of execution as compared to traditional rule or simulation-based checks. Next we will discuss Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) techniques and their elucidations. Further we will talk about Critical Area Analysis (CAA) and other yield enhancement approaches. In the concluding part we will discuss opportunities of different DFM design flows and collateral to be used in design process for better yield and reliability.



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