IT'S SHOWTIME! Twice the size of last year's inaugural show, Railway Interiors Expo 2005 looks set to be the launchpad for over 1,000 products designed specifically for the rail interiors market

机译:好戏开场了! 2005铁路室内设计博览会的规模是去年首届展会的两倍,将成为超过1,000种专门为铁路室内设计而设计的产品的启动板

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FROM THE very latest interiors solutions that enhance the passenger experience - including seating, fabrics and textiles, lighting, laminates and bespoke design services - to Wi-Fi and catering services, Railway Interiors Expo 2005, Koln Messe, 29 November - 1 December 2005, has got the lot, cementing its position as the world's only one-stop-shop for TOCs and train manufacturers. With 170 exhibitors set to show literally thousands of new and exciting products designed specifically for the railway interiors market, the following is just a taste of what you can see at the Expo. 3M is profiling two key products: Scotchgard Protector Graphic Film 8050; and 3M DI-NOC, a hi-touch covering solution. A graffiti-resistant film suitable for the interior of rail rolling stock, 8050 is easy to clean and abrasion resistant. Conforming to BS6853 fire-safety specifications, it has been tested for most common rail interior substrates, and can be used within Class la rolling stock. Its coating enables easy cleaning with no ghosting, reducing cleaning time and costs, and ensuring improved ambience for longer periods. All approved rail-cleaning agents are compatible, and common contaminants such as cola and coffee are non-staining.
机译:从最新的可改善乘客体验的内饰解决方案-包括座椅,织物和纺织品,照明,层压板和定制设计服务-到Wi-Fi和餐饮服务,2005年11月29日至12月1日在德国科隆展览馆举行的Railway Interiors Expo 2005,取得了很多成就,巩固了其作为全球唯一的TOC和火车制造商的一站式服务的地位。共有170家参展商展示了数千种专门为铁路内饰市场设计的新颖而激动人心的产品,以下仅是您在世博会上看到的味道。 3M正在介绍两个关键产品:Scotchgard Protector图形胶片8050;和3M DI-NOC,一种高触感覆盖解决方案。适用于轨道车辆内部的防涂鸦膜8050易于清洁和耐磨。符合BS6853消防安全规范,已针对大多数常见的轨道内衬进行了测试,可在1a级机车车辆中使用。它的涂层可以轻松清洁而不会产生重影,减少了清洁时间和成本,并确保了更长时期的改善环境。所有批准的轨道清洁剂都是兼容的,可乐和咖啡等常见污染物是不沾污的。



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