Argumentation and Analysis of Interpretation from LaoZi's 'Mystery of Taoism'




The academic community has been conducting research on the founder of Taoism, LaoZi, who has made tremendous contributions to Chinese traditional culture. LaoZi is revered as a sage as Confucius. The study of LaoZi's book Tao Te Ching has become an indispensable learning for philosophers, politicians, strategists, and literati scholars in any period. In LaoZi's remarks, "Tao" has neither name nor time, and the Dao is much more earlier springing up than other all life. "Tao" is something unfathomable that we cannot figure it out. LaoZi uttered sentences: "The Tao was unshaped and had no sound, with the sake of getting further understanding with respect to it, and afterwards gave it a name temporarily, which excerpted from the book of LaoZi. "It has been a long time since the Tao has no exact shape. This article creatively foster a word "the Tao is hidden", and the Tao is not a specific form. However, we cannot say that it does not exist in that it can see all of us. This article will continuously pluck up everyone to explore "Taoism" in Chinese culture, which will be a new beginning.
机译:学术界一直在为老子的道教创始人进行研究,他为中国传统文化做出了巨大贡献。老子作为孔子的圣人受到尊敬。 Laozi's Book Tao Tae Ching的研究已成为任何时期的哲学家,政治家,战略家和文人学者的不可或缺的学习。在老子的言论中,“陶”既不是时间也没有时间,而DAO比其他所有生命更早。 “陶”是不可思议的,我们无法弄清楚。老子说出来的句子:“陶某被解开了,没有声音,随着对它的进一步了解,之后,暂时给予了一个名字,这摘自老子书。”这已经很久了Tao没有精确的形状。本文创造性地培养了“陶氏隐藏的”一词,陶不是一种特定的形式。但是,我们不能说它不存在它可以看到我们所有人。本文将不断提升每个人,探索中国文化中的“道教”,这将是一个新的开始。



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