Militaire Bepakking, Adviezen Over Het Gewicht En De Verdeling (Military Pack, Optimal Load and Distribution).

机译:militaire Bepakking,adviezen Over Het Gewicht En De Verdeling(military pack,Optimal Load and Distribution)。



The maximum load for carrying times up to two hours was calculated on the basis of physical characteristics of male and female soldiers of the Royal Netherlands Army and results of previous experimental studies quantifying the different strains due to load carrying. The capacity of the metabolic system restricts the total load to 37 kg for the male soldier and 22 kg for the female soldier at a walking speed of 5.2 km/hour. However, compensation for the weight of the clothing, boots, helmets and weapon leaves 15 kg for extra load for the male soldier and no extra load for the female soldier. More load can be carried by reducing the walking speed according to a calculated relationship. The maximal tolerable pressure on the shoulders and on the waist, and the maximal force of the shoulder muscles will limit the maximum load. If the load is supported by a waist belt, the load is limited to a maximum 25 kg. Suspending the weight on the shoulders limits the maximum load to 14 kg if both ends of the shoulders straps are attached to the load. Using a type of load carrying system with shoulder straps running from the front to the back of a waist belt, reduces the maximum backload to 7 kg. An additional load of 9 kg for the female and 12 kg for the male soldiers can be carried in the hands for short walking distances. During fighting conditions a loss of physical performance of less then 10% is suggested as acceptable. Backpacks, Dutch language. (edc)



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