Proceedings of the International Soil Correlation Meeting (6th), (VI ISCOM): Characterization, Classification, and Utilization of Cold Aridisols and Vertisols. Held in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, United States, and Saskatchewan, Canada on August 6-18, 1989

机译:国际土壤相关会议(第6次),(VI IsCOm)的会议记录:冷的aridisols和Vertisols的表征,分类和利用。 1989年8月6日至18日在美国爱达荷州蒙大拿州和美国怀俄明州以及加拿大萨斯喀彻温省举行



The Sixth International Soil Correlation Meeting (VI ISCOM) was organized by the Soil Management Support Services in conjunction with the Soil Survey Division, Soil Conservation Service, the SCS Soil Staffs and BLM Soils Staffs in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, Agriculture Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The meeting was held August 6-18, 1989. The meeting addressed cold Aridisols and Vertisols. Proposed Keys developed by the chairmen of the respective committees were tested in the field and discussed. Modifications of the proposals were presented and new proposals developed. Based on the discussion, a revision of the Vertisol order was developed and submitted to John Witty. Proposals to change the Aridisol order are still under consideration. One of the more interesting and far-reaching proposals was the one to drop the Aridisol order and include soils which now fall in it in the other orders, based on their gentic horizons. The Proceedings was assembled to allow others to have the benefit of the material presented on the tour by the various authors. It represents a current reference to the latest thinking on Aridisols and Vertisols. The idea to drop the Aridisol order was not accepted at this time, but it did generate a great deal of discussion and made many of the participants look at the idea.



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