Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Use of Lasers for Solving Measuring and Precision Engineering Problems Concerning Inertial Guidance and Navigation . Experimentelle und Theoretische Untersuchungen ueber den Einsatz von Lasern Zur Loesung von Mess- und Feinwerktechnischen Problemen der Inertialen Lenk- und Navigationstechnik




The application of lasers to rotary gyroscope vibration analysis, gyroscope balancing, and gravimetric accelerometers is investigated. A laser interferometric method is described for the precise determination of the amplitude and phase of flywheel vibrations. In addition, the rotary and translatory vibration of the gyroscope due to dynamic or static unbalance is identified. Methods for the balancing of gyroscopes during rotation using material eroding pulsed laser radiation are discussed. The concept and properties of a sensitive acceleration measuring instrument, based on gravimetric principles and using laser techniques, are discussed.


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    Holzapfel, W.;

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