Still life with rhetoric: A new materialist approach for visual rhetorics


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The dispute for authority between the seemingly disparate disciplinary camps of theory and practice is a longstanding and well-documented tension within the field of technical communication (Miller, 1979, 1989; Sullivan & Porter, 1993). As a result, technical communication scholars have issued various calls to reimagine and refocus the field around a variety of disciplinary identities with foci ranging from highly theoretical work to primarily practical matters (Johnson-Eilola, 1996; Kimball, 2017; Pringle & Williams, 2005; Slack, Miller, & Doak, 1993). There is an apparent divide between academics and practitioners of technical communication: the latter sees the abstract work of the former as disconnected and out of touch with the constraints and realities of actual workplaces. In other words, the relevance and applicability of theory to practice is quite often left wanting or perceived as missing altogether.
机译:看似不同的理论与实践学科之间的权威之争是技术交流领域内长期存在且有据可查的紧张关系(Miller,1979,1989; Sullivan&Porter,1993)。结果,技术传播学者发出了各种呼吁,以围绕各种学科身份重新构想和重新聚焦该领域,重点从高理论性工作到主要是实际问题(Johnson-Eilola,1996; Kimball,2017; Pringle&Williams,2005 ; Slack,Miller,&Doak,1993)。技术交流的学者和实践者之间显然存在鸿沟:后者将前者的抽象作品视为与现实工作场所的约束和现实脱节并且脱节。换句话说,理论与实践的相关性和适用性经常被遗忘或被认为完全缺失。



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