Contestations Over Biodiversity Protection: Considering Peircean Semiosis


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We develop the general outlines of an evolutionary biodiversity policy that is consistent with the pragmatism of Charles Sanders Peirce and the institutional economics of John R. Commons. Our model is applied to recent experiences with biodiversity policy in Finland, especially a local policy initiative: Natural Values Trading(2003-2007). The purpose of this experiment was to explore how a voluntary, fixed-term, payment- and incentive-based scheme for biodiversity protection might perform. As a result of the experiment, the principles of the scheme have become a formalised part of Finnish forest biodiversity law and policy. In this paper we analyse the evolution of this particular institutional arrangement by applying Peircean semiosis and the negotiational psychology of Commons. A central component of our approach will be to explicate the role and significance of sign processes in: (1) how and why the need for new policy instruments emerges; (2) how those policies are developed, designed and tested; and (3) how decisions about those new instruments are made. We urge that the sign process should play a greater role in how scholars understand the evolution of biodiversity policy. Semiosis is 'good to think with'.
机译:我们制定了进化生物多样性政策的总体纲要,这与查尔斯·桑德斯·皮尔斯的实用主义和约翰·R·康普斯的制度经济学相一致。我们的模型适用于芬兰生物多样性政策的最新经验,尤其是一项地方政策倡议:自然价值交易(2003-2007年)。该实验的目的是探讨如何执行自愿,固定期限,基于付款和激励的生物多样性保护计划。实验的结果是,该计划的原则已成为芬兰森林生物多样性法律和政策的正式组成部分。在本文中,我们通过运用Peircean符号论和下议院协商心理学来分析这种特殊制度安排的演变。我们方法的主要组成部分将是在以下方面阐明签章流程的作用和重要性:(1)如何以及为什么出现对新政策工具的需求; (2)如何制定,设计和测试这些政策; (3)如何做出关于这些新工具的决定。我们敦促标志过程在学者如何理解生物多样性政策的演变中发挥更大的作用。符号学是“值得思考的”。



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