The Implicit Beauty and Open Beauty of Tang Dynasty's Aesthetic Taste from Tang Dynasty Noble Women's Clothing Features




The Tang Dynasty was a period when feudal society prosperous developed. At that time people's material life were very plentiful, thus brought their love for better life into the pursuit and praise of beauty. The women, especially the noble women because their particularity of gender and identity, at the time they gradually became a social beauty carrier. The notice and praise from men and even the whole society to noble women made them to search and create beauty from all kind of aspects. Clothing which are the best way to reflect the beauty connotation naturally became the best filed for these women to show and create beauty. Whether the early Tang's graceful narrow sleeve dress, or the dashing Hu Fu and Men's clothing in flourishing period of Tang Dynasty, all reflect Tang people, especially the Tang dynasty noble women's unique aesthetic vision in different periods. Overall, there are two aesthetic features of the Tang Dynasty noble women's clothing features: First is the implicit beauty under the influence of Confucian doctrine and feudal Etiquette ; Second is due to Tang people's appreciation of human body and more focus on realism, thus pay more attention to women's curves, so their clothing showed the healthy open beauty.



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