Production Engineering Measure for the Improved Reliability of Capacitors, Fixed, Solid Electrolyte, Tantalum High-Reliability 100 Mfd-20 Volt Capacitors

机译:生产工程措施提高电容器,固定,固体电解质,钽高可靠性100 mfd-20伏电容器的可靠性



A concise statement is presented of the work performed. Actions III and IV were taken on our Technical Action Request Number 3 from which changes in the Contract were approved; in these changes the 100 MFD-20 Volt capacitor becomes the major rating under the Contract, and eight additional ratings are included in the Program. Four of the basic changes in the Contract are presented in Section 7, including the capacitor ratings and quantities required. Process improvement studies were conducted primarily on the 100 MFD-20 Volt capacitor; some of these studies were applied to the 33 MFD-35 Volt capacitor rating. The areas of process improvement studies were: (a) tantalum powder control and anode design; (b) binder control; (c) sintering; (d) anodizing and re-forming; and (e) ageing and screening. (Author)



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