Private Country Club Member Attitudes Relative to Various Attributes of Country Clubs in the States of Indiana and Ohio.




The intent of this thesis is to identify and analyze the attitudes of private country club members. A two fold purpose exists for this analysis; first and foremost, to show the value and potential of market surveys to country club managers and, secondly, to provide an instrument of comparison. That is to say, an individual club can compare the results of a survey conducted of its members with the findings of this study for the market investigated. The market was comprised of members from eight country clubs in the states of Indiana and Ohio. To accomplish this analysis, the researcher surveyed the members of four private country clubs from each of the two states. The clubs participating in the investigation were selected from among those whose managers were in attendance at the Spring 1978 Ohio Valley Chapter Conference of the Club Managers Association of America. From the eight clubs, there were a total of 380 memebers completing the survey. The primary instrument used to elicit data contained two parts. Part one solicited demographic data, club patronage information and approximate costs of being a member. Part two was comprised of statements employing the Likert 6 point agree/disagree rating scale. Responents were requested to mark whether they agreed/disagreed with each member's attitudes about various aspects of the country club. Also used to elicit data was a questionnaire completed by the club managers pertinent to club operations.



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