Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Along the Cheyenne River Arm of Lake Oahe in Dewey, Haakon, Stanley, and Ziebach Counties, South Dakota. Volume 1. Main Report.




A Class II inventory survey of over 19,000 acres along both banks of the Cheyenne River arm was conducted in 1986. Sixty-nine sites with seventy-two site components were recorded, consisting of thirty artifact scatters, twenty-seven cairns, three cemeteries, an earthlodge village, a mound group, six depressions and four historic sites. All diagnostic material recovered was associated with the Late Prehistoric and Historic periods. Geomorphological and ethnohistorical studies augmented the archeological survey and provided a more integrated evaluation of this area. Extensive channel migration of the Cheyenne River was documented and areas with the potential for buried deposits were identified. Keywords: Archeology; American Indians; Cultural resources; Artifact scatters; Cairns/cemeteries; Geomorphology; Ethnohistory. (EDC)



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