Sec14 related proteins in yeast


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Lipid transport between membranes of eukaryotic organisms represents an essential aspect of organelle biogenesis. This transport must be strictly selective and directional to assure specific lipid composition of individual membranes. Despite the intensive research effort in the last few years, our understanding of how lipids are sorted and moved within cells is still rather limited. Evidence indicates that at least some of the mechanisms generating and maintaining non-randorn distribution of lipids in cells are linked to the action of phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins (PITPs). The major PITP in yeast Saccharoinvees cerevisiae, Sec14p, is essential in promoting Golgi secretory function by modulating of its membrane lipid composition. This review focuses on a group of five yeast proteins that share significant sequence homology with Sec14p. Based on this sequence identity, they were termed Sfh (See fourteen homologue) proteins. It is a diverse group of proteins with distinct subcellular localizations and varied physiological functions related to lipid metabolism, phosphoinositide mediated signaling and membrane trafficking. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
机译:真核生物膜之间的脂质运输代表细胞器生物发生的重要方面。这种运输必须严格选择和定向,以确保各个膜的特定脂质组成。尽管最近几年进行了大量的研究,但是我们对脂质如何在细胞内分类和移动的理解仍然十分有限。证据表明,至少一些在细胞中产生和维持脂质的非randorn分布的机制与磷脂酰肌醇转移蛋白(PITP)的作用有关。酵母Saccharoinvees cerevisiae中的主要PITP Sec14p通过调节其膜脂质成分来促进高尔基体分泌功能至关重要。这篇综述着重于五个与Sec14p具有显着序列同源性的酵母蛋白。基于此序列同一性,它们被称为Sfh(参见十四个同源物)蛋白。它是具有不同亚细胞定位和与脂类代谢,磷酸肌醇介导的信号传导和膜运输有关的多种生理功能的蛋白质的多样化集合。 (c)2007 Elsevier B.V.保留所有权利。



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