Violence, Xenophobia and the Media: A Review of the South African Media's Coverage of Xenophobia and the Xenophobic Violence Prior to and Including the Events of 2008


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The purpose of this review is to assess academic research on the manner in which the media in South Africa portrayed the events leading up to, and including, those of May and June 2008. The review found that whilst the evidence is convincing that the print media have been xenophobic during this period, this does not necessarily imply that the print media was complicit in the xenophobic events of 2008. Further evidence-based research is needed on how the print media influences attitudes and perceptions in South Africa. Such research should scrutinize news media production and the context within which this occurs in order to provide a more informed view as to why the print media have been xenophobic for more than a decade.View full textDownload full textRelated var addthis_config = { ui_cobrand: "Taylor & Francis Online", services_compact: "citeulike,netvibes,twitter,technorati,delicious,linkedin,facebook,stumbleupon,digg,google,more", pubid: "ra-4dff56cd6bb1830b" }; Add to shortlist Link Permalink http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02589346.2011.548673
机译:这次审查的目的是评估有关南非媒体对截至2008年5月和2008年6月(包括该日)事件的描述方式的学术研究。该审查发现,尽管有证据令人信服,印刷媒体在此期间一直排外,这并不一定意味着印刷媒体是2008年排外事件的同谋。需要进一步的基于证据的研究,以研究印刷媒体如何影响南非的态度和观念。此类研究应仔细研究新闻媒体的生产及其发生的背景,以便提供更多有关印刷媒体为何仇外情绪十多年的见解。查看全文下载全文相关的var addthis_config = {ui_cobrand:“泰勒&Francis Online”,services_compact:“ citeulike,netvibes,twitter,technorati,delicious,linkedin,facebook,stumbleupon,digg,google,更多”,发布号:“ ra-4dff56cd6bb1830b”};添加到候选列表链接永久链接http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/02589346.2011.548673



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