The NDIR CO{sub}2 Monitor With Smart Interface for Global Networking

机译:带有智能接口的NDIR CO {sub} 2监视器,用于全球联网

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The NDIR (nondispersive infrared) monitor provided with a smart network interface is developed for distributed measurements of CO{sub}2 gas concentration in the atmospheric air. Two thermopiles in a single package, one for measuring the spectrum absorption at 4.26 μm band due to CO{sub}2 molecules in the air and the other for monitoring the infrared (IR) intensity emitted by an incandescent lamp, are used for canceling the effects of temperature and aging by the ratiometric signal processing. The double sampling is also used for canceling the offsets of thermopiles and the signal conditioner. These signal processing techniques and the online calibration make it possible to achieve the measurement accuracy of ±40 ppm over the CO{sub}2 concentration range from 500 to 2000 ppm with low-cost implementation. The temperature dependence is 1.5 ppm/℃, and the response time is 1.5 min. Access to the monitor through the Internet is made by a Java applet and client programs in the C language.
机译:带有智能网络接口的NDIR(非分散红外)监控器专为分布式测量大气中CO {sub} 2气体的浓度而开发。单个包装中的两个热电堆用于消除由于空气中的CO {sub} 2分子引起的4.26μm波段的光谱吸收,另一个用于监视白炽灯发出的红外(IR)强度。比例信号处理对温度和老化的影响。两次采样还用于消除热电堆和信号调节器的偏移。这些信号处理技术和在线校准使使用低成本实现的CO {sub} 2浓度范围从500至2000 ppm的测量精度达到±40 ppm。温度依赖性为1.5 ppm /℃,响应时间为1.5分钟。 Java小程序和C语言客户端程序可通过Internet访问监视器。



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