The Professional Profile and the Physical Therapy Service in the Emergency Units in the State of S#227;o Paulo


The emergency room is the entrance door of hospitals for patients who are in risk of life, and the role of the physiotherapist in this area is recognized as a qualified member of the team, helping to reduce the rate and time of orotracheal intubation, judicious use of invasive mechanical ventilation (MV) and non-invasive ventilation (NIV). The objective was to know the profile and performance of physical therapists in the emergency departments of hospitals in the state of S style="white-space:nowrap;">ão Paulo. Conducted through a semi-structured questionnaire covering personal and professional aspects, and analyzed and described in percentage form. Thirty-six questionnaires were analyzed, and it was observed that 92% provide emergency care, but only 25% work exclusively. Among the main reasons for admission to this sector are: acute respiratory failure (44%) and decreased level of consciousness (36.1%). Regarding the physiotherapeutic resources used in the emergency department, 97.2% make use of NIV, followed by monitoring of MV parameters (94.4%) and modification of parameters (94.4%). We also found that the average time of MV in this sector is 3 to 21 days (50%), and that 33% believe there is delay between indication and installation of NIV. The physiotherapist has much to contribute in emergency units, however, he must be trained through the search for technical and scientific knowledge, thus contributing to the consolidation of this area of expertise.



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