Rediscovering Pride in Agricultural Heritage through Cultivation of African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs) as Climate Acquiescent Vegetables, Immune and Health in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Zimbabwe


African Indigenous Vegetables are asserted to cope with climate variability besides their great potential as both food and medicine in Zimbabwe.They can be easily grown in drought prone areas with low rainfall as they are resistant to adverse environmental factors.Inimitable opportunities are offered through cultivation of AIVs to diversify farming systems so as to ensure food security and are cheap alternatives as compared to their expensive exotic counterparts.Alternative approaches to reduce escalating numbers of current Covid-19 patients and death is to introduce nutrient intervention through rediscovering of pride in agriculture through cultivation and commercialisation of AIVs in Zimbabwe.AIVs have great potential to improve immune response by supplementing dietary requirements(micronutrients)of an individual and can have a positive impact on COVID-19 outcome as they play a significant role in the immune system.AIVs have antifungal,acaricidal,antiviral,anticancer and act as immune stimulants.There is need for persuasive research based information,suitable national legislation and information campaigns on cultivation and consumption of AIVs in Zimbabwe.


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    Department of Agricultural Economics and Development Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences P.Bag 7001 Mutare Zimbabwe;

    Department of Livestock Wildlife and Fisheries Great Zimbabwe State University P.O.Box 1235 Masvingo Zimbabwe;

    Department of Agriculture Management Zimbabwe Open University Masvingo Region P.O.Box 1210 Masvingo Zimbabwe;

    Near East University Food Engineering Department Lefkosa-Turkish Republic of North Cyprus(TRNC);

    School of Natural sciences Great Zimbabwe State University P.O.Box 1235 Masvingo Zimbabwe;

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    AIVs; Covid-19; Immune; Micronutrients; Anticancer;

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