Residential Geolocation of Households in a Large-Scale Activity-based Microsimulation Model and Development of a High Definition Spatial Distribution of Vehicle Miles Traveled




This paper presents a methodology to distribute the Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ) level synthesized households and their members to parcels according to the household and parcel attributes. Three Multinomial Logit (MNL) models are estimated to represent the residence location association of households and land parcels, one each for single person, two persons or more without children, and two persons or more with children household types. The estimated models are then used in an algorithm that assigns households to locations in the Los Angeles County. Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) of each household are assigned in this way to the parcel the household is assigned using the algorithm. The method illustrated here shows the feasibility of doing this assignment using millions of parcels and households. It also shows that the results are reasonable and that it is possible to estimate VMT at specific locations and for spatially disaggregate jurisdictions, enabling the assessment of VMT responsibility and associated policies at very fine levels of resolution. In addition, our findings and related maps challenge the claim that central city residents travel less miles and suburban residents travel more.



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