Methodologies for Estimating Emission and Travel Activity Effects of TCMs.




The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) created a range of new, more stringent transportation control requirements. Major federal agencies such as EPA and the Department of Transportation must work together to ensure that transportation projects further attainment of air quality goals (conformity); the private sector must market a new slate of alternative, less polluting fuels; states must take action in the more serious nonattainment areas to offset any emissions growth related to increased vehicle miles travelled (VMT); and many state and local government agencies must implement transportation control measures (TCMs) that modify driving behavior and limit emissions resulting from traffic congestion. To help understand and meet the new Clean Air Act's requirements, Congress instructed the EPA to publish a number of guidance documents related to transportation control. This document is one of the many EPA-sponsored publications which state and local governments may find useful as they work to achieve their transportation planning goals.



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