Examination of a modular unit of low environmental impact for raising sheep to be carried out in the Abruzzi National Park


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This article examines a new type of building raising sheep in areas of medium elevation in mountainous regions of Italy, with special reference to the Abruzzi National Park. Such areas have mainly extensive modes of production and particular requirements for such units in terms of modularity, limited environmental impact, environmentally friendly building materials, ease of construction, transport and assembly, and possibility of disassembly and reassembly elsewhere. The second section following the introduction describes the project in general terms, while the third section gives a description of the technical aspects with respect to the outer frame, supports, cross-beams, panelling, flooring, the removability of panels, and the construction of the feeding area. Following a short section on the variant of a double module, the fourth section describes the operation and use of the structure. The conclusion stresses the environmental benefits of the structure and the possibility of using it or similar structures for other activities, such as the raising of other animal species or storage of crops or animal fodder.



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