Understanding Karl Marx's Critique of Hegel's 'Philosophy of Right'

机译:了解Karl Marx对黑格尔的“权利哲学”的批评

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Rereading the young Karl Marx's "Critique of Hegel's 'Philosophy of Right'" in light of a broader range of scholarship enables a more accurate understanding of the historical and intellectual significance of this work. Shlomo Avineri's pioneering treatment is deficient in important respects. A return to Marx's and Hegel's texts may help determine more exactly what Marx was trying to figure out through Hegel, and why he saw the need to move beyond Hegel to accomplish it. In Marx's mature writings, as Postone has shown, Marx's concept of "capital" purports to identify the real basis of Hegelian Geist. Recognizing this enables an analysis that provides a fuller view of both young and mature Marx as they relate to Hegel and to one another than is typical in the literature, which often either divides Marx into young--humanist and old-economist, or else inter-collapses old and young Marx too readily.
机译:重新阅读年轻的Karl Marx的“黑格尔”批评的权利哲学“借鉴了更广泛的奖学金,可以更准确地了解这项工作的历史和智力意义。 Shlomo Avineri的开拓治疗缺乏重要方面。 返回马克思和黑格尔的文本可能有助于确定Marx试图通过黑格尔试图弄清楚的,为什么他认为需要超越黑格尔来实现它。 在马克思的成熟作品中,作为Poartone表明,马克思的“资本”的概念旨在确定黑格尔地球师的真正基础。 认识到这一点使得分析能够为年轻人和成熟的马克思提供一个更全面的观点,因为它们与黑格尔相关,而不是典型的文学中的典型,通常将马克思分为年轻人和老经济学家,或者别的 - 旧的和年轻的马克思也很容易。



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