Stanford B-School Lecturer and Venture Capitalist Robert Siegel on Navigating Auto Industry Disruption

机译:斯坦福B学校讲师兼风险投资家罗伯特·西格尔(Robert Siegel)谈汽车工业的发展

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Rob Siegel likes to say that he has two full time jobs. He is a full time memberof the Stanford faculty in the Graduate School of Business. He is also a partnerat XSeed Capital, an early stage investment firm specializing in companies thatcreate innovations, typically in software, computer science and other ITdisciplines. I met Mr. Siegel at The Autonomous Event in Vienna, aconference designed to build support for coming up with a common platformfor autonomous vehicle safety. Mr. Siegel is a member of the supervisoryboard of TTTech Auto, the Event’s lead sponsor. He also serves on the boardof SmartDrive Systems, and is a member of the industry advisory boards forHere Technologies and Tulco. At fifty-one years old, he has the energy andenthusiasm of a much younger man. He works eighty hours a week and loveswhat he does.
机译:罗伯·西格尔(Rob Siegel)喜欢说他有两个全职工作。他是商学院斯坦福学院的全职成员。他还是XSeed Capital的合伙人,XSeed Capital是一家早期投资公司,专门从事创造创新的公司,通常是软件,计算机科学和其他IT学科的公司。我在维也纳的Autonomous Event上会见了Siegel先生,这次会议的目的是为建立一个通用的自动驾驶汽车安全平台提供支持。 Siegel先生是活动的主要赞助商TTTech Auto的监事会成员。他还是SmartDrive Systems的董事会成员,并且是Here Technologies和Tulco的行业顾问委员会的成员。在五十一岁的时候,他拥有一个年轻得多的能量和热情。他每周工作80个小时,热爱自己的工作。



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