Mathematical Reasoning of Treatment Principle Based on “Yin Yang Wu Xing” Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine




By using mathematical reasoning, this paper demonstrates the treatment principle: “Virtual disease is to fill his mother but real disease is to rush down his son” and “Strong inhibition of the same time, support the weak” based on “Yin Yang Wu Xing” Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We defined two kinds of opposite relations and one kind of equivalence relation, introduced the concept of steady multilateral systems with two non-compatibility relations, and discussed its energy properties. Later based on the treatment of TCM and treated the healthy body as a steady multilateral system, it has been proved that the treatment principle is true. The kernel of this paper is the existence and reasoning of the non-compatibility relations in steady multilateral systems, and it accords with the oriental thinking model.
机译:通过数学推理,本文论证了治疗原则:“阴阳五行”为基础的“虚拟疾病是为了填补母亲的病,而实际疾病是要赶上儿子”和“同时强力抑制,扶弱”。 ”中医理论(TCM)。我们定义了两种对立关系和一种对等关系,介绍了具有两个不相容关系的稳定多边体系的概念,并讨论了其能量性质。后来在中医治疗的基础上,将健康的身体作为一个稳定的多边系统,已证明治疗原则是正确的。本文的核心是稳定多边体系中不相容关系的存在和推理,符合东方思维模型。



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