The Political Economy of Confucian Harmony: A Xunzian Vision


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A global market economy of pure instrumental rationality now poses a growing threat, jeopardizing common citizenship, the capacity for human flourishing, and harmony between humans and nature. Growing skepticism about the sustainability of market capitalism and its moral legitimacy propels us to search for a new economic model in which humans are no longer held hostage to the unbridled pursuit of self-interest and limitless possession at the expense of the well-being of others and nature and that attempts to overcome the old conflict between capitalism and socialism. We can call this alternative model "moral economy," an economic system that reconciles private interests with the public good broadly construed. In this article I reconstruct the Confucian ideal of moral economy by paying close attention to Xunzi's ethical and political thought. Xunzi, one of the key classical Confucians, stipulates the threshold of sufficiency by extending the ruler's care to the most destitute of society as well as giving moral priority to their basic needs without dismissing the foundational importance of individual merit and contribution. Rejecting both pure economic meritocracy and dogmatic egalitarianism, Xunzian Confucianism aims to create a political economy of harmony where various distributive values (need, equality, and merit, among other things) each have their own place.
机译:纯粹的工具理性的全球市场经济现在构成了越来越大的威胁,危及共同公民身份,人类蓬勃发展的能力以及人与自然之间的和谐。人们对市场资本主义的可持续性及其道德合法性越来越怀疑,这促使我们寻求一种新的经济模式,在这种模式下,人类不再被束缚于对自由和追求无限的追求的追求,而不是以牺牲他人的福祉为代价的。和自然,并试图克服资本主义和社会主义之间的旧冲突。我们可以将这种替代模式称为“道德经济”,它是一种将私人利益与广泛解释的公共利益相协调的经济体系。在本文中,我通过密切关注X子的伦理和政治思想来重构儒家的道德经济理想。 classical子是古典儒家的重要人物之一,它规定了自给自足的门槛,将统治者的关怀扩大到社会上最贫穷的人,并在不忽略个人功绩和贡献的根本重要性的前提下,将其基本需求放在道义上。 nz宗儒家既拒绝纯粹的经济精英主义和教条式的平均主义,又致力于建立一种和谐的政治经济学,其中各种分配价值(需要,平等和优点等)都有自己的位置。


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    Kim Sungmoon;

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    City Univ Hong Kong Polit Theory Hong Kong Peoples R China|City Univ Hong Kong Dept Publ Policy Ctr East Asian & Comparat Philosophy Hong Kong Peoples R China;

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