A Participatory Evaluation Method of Graphic User Interface Storyboards: FAST AIDE (Function Annotated Storyboards Targeting Applicability, Importance, Design, Elaborations)

机译:图形用户界面情节提要的参与式评估方法:FAST AIDE(针对适用性,重要性,设计,细节的功能性提要情节提要)

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The FAST AIDE (Function Annotated Storyboards Targeting Applicability, Importance, Design, Elaborations) method was developed to capture qualitative and quantitative feedback from highly specialized, expert end-users during the storyboarding stage of new software applications. Unlike traditional approaches, FAST AIDE does not rely on the generation of walkthrough scripts or scenarios, but is focused on software features and functionalities. Our rationale is based on the cognitive concept of spreading activation. Spreading activation is hypothesized to occur within knowledge structures similar to organized networks of words or concepts (i.e., nodes). FAST AIDE taps into experiential background of specialized users by utilizing feature dimensions and functionality characteristics to trigger relevant memory. In addition to presenting an approach to knowledge solicitation, FAST AIDE employs a combination data collection questionnaire tool in order to facilitate data evaluation. The paper provides a background and a guide to the implementation of the FAST AIDE method.
机译:开发了FAST AIDE(针对适用性,重要性,设计,阐述的功能注释情节提要板)方法,以在新软件应用程序的情节提要阶段中捕获来自高度专业的专业最终用户的定性和定量反馈。与传统方法不同,FAST AIDE不依赖于演练脚本或场景的生成,而是专注于软件功能。我们的基本原理基于传播激活的认知概念。假设传播激活发生在类似于单词或概念(即节点)的有组织网络的知识结构内。 FAST AIDE通过利用功能尺寸和功能特征来触发相关内存,从而进入专业用户的体验背景。除了提供一种知识征集的方法外,FAST AIDE还使用组合数据收集问卷调查工具来促进数据评估。本文为实现FAST AIDE方法提供了背景和指南。



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