Lithium Niobate Fabry-Perot etalons in double-pass configuration for spectral filtering in the visible imager magnetograph IMaX for the SUNRISE mission


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The Imaging MAgnetograph experiment, IMaX, is one of the three postfocal instruments of the Sunrise mission. The Sunrise project consists of a stratospheric balloon with 1 m aperture telescope, which will fly from the Antarctica within the NASA Long Duration Balloon Program. IMaX should work as a diffraction limited imager and it should be capable to carry out polarization measurements and spectroscopic analysis with high resolution (50.000-100.000 range). The spectral resolution required will be achieved by using a LiNbO_3 (z-cut) Fabry-Perot etalon in double pass configuration as spectral filter. Up to our knowledge, few works in the literature describe the associated problems of using these devices in an imager instrument (roughness, off-normal incidence, polarization sensitivity...). Because of that, an extensive and detailed analysis of etalon has been carried out. Special attention has been taken in order to determine the wavefront transmission error produced by the imperfections of a real etalon in double pass configuration working in collimated beam. Different theoretical models, numeric simulations and experimental data are analysed and compared obtaining a complete description of the etalon response.
机译:成像磁力仪实验IMaX是Sunrise任务的三种对焦后仪器之一。日出项目由具有1 m孔径望远镜的平流层气球组成,该气球将在美国宇航局长时气球计划中从南极飞行。 IMaX应该作为衍射极限成像仪,并且应该能够进行高分辨率(50.000-100.000范围)的偏振测量和光谱分析。所需的光谱分辨率将通过使用LiNbO_3(z切割)法布里-珀罗标准具(双通道配置)作为光谱过滤器来实现。据我们所知,文献中很少有著作描述在成像仪中使用这些设备的相关问题(粗糙度,偏离法线入射,偏振灵敏度...)。因此,已经对标准具进行了广泛而详细的分析。为了确定由实际标准具在准直光束中工作的双程配置的缺陷所产生的波前传输误差,已经特别注意。分析和比较了不同的理论模型,数值模拟和实验数据,以获得对标准具响应的完整描述。



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