Bi-directional reflectance distribution function of statistically known samples over 220–500 GHz using a frequency domain based scatterometer: Measurements and phenomenology




We present a frequency-domain system used for characterizing the scatter from arbitrary samples in the frequency range of 220–500 GHz. This system uses a vector network analyzer along with quasi-optical beam shaping components and frequency converters to illuminate and capture scatter radiation providing nominal dynamic range of 90 dB over the 220–325 GHz and 70 dB over the 325–500 GHz band. High-precision motion control of source and receiver, as well as, precision optical alignment techniques allow detailed characterization of scattered electric field and phase from samples. Precision motion control and carefully designed sample mounting allow for a large part of the four-dimensional bi-directional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of a sample to be accessed. Measurements over a bi-static angle ranging from 205° to 24° with an angular resolution of 0.002° can be made, including mono-static scattering. Out-of-plane angle can be adjusted over the range of +/−5° at 0.5° increments to increase sample BRDF coverage.
机译:我们提出了一种用于在220-500GHz频率范围内的任意样本的散射的频域系统。该系统使用矢量网络分析仪以及准光束整形部件和变频器,以照亮和捕获在325-500GHz频段上的标称动态范围的散射辐射90 dB,并在325-500GHz频段上提供90 dB。源极和接收器的高精度运动控制,以及精密光学对准技术允许详细表征散射电场和来自样品的相位。精密运动控制和精心设计的样品安装允许访问待访问的样品的四维双向反射率分布功能(BRDF)的大部分。可以制造在205°至24°的双静态角度,可以进行0.002°的角度分辨率,包括单静态散射。可以在0.5°的增量以0.5°的+/- 5°的范围内调节面外角,以增加样品BRDF覆盖范围。



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