A reliable and secure approach for efficient Car-to-Car communication in intelligent transportation systems


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Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is considered to be an integral part of the Smart City concept. As per the idea of ITS, intelligence incorporated in existing vehicles, both private and public, is expected to make vehicle management inexpensive and less complex. Some of the barriers in successful deployment of ITS have been its reliability, scalability, interoperability and security. Communication plays a big role in ITS and Wi-Fi/ cellular technologies have been used to facilitate Car-to-Server (C2S) and Server-to-Server (S2S) type communication. Car-to-Car (C2C) communication emerges as a more resource constrained and challenging model. Due to strict real-time, low delay and high security requirements, C2C presents several avenues for research. In this work, we investigate the network and security concerns of C2C architecture of ITS. Based on our study, we propose an effective approach for C2C communication using event-triggered broadcast of information. We use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based sender authentication for information verification. Furthermore, we provide Machine Learning based solutions to some common problems encountered during C2C communication.
机译:智能交通系统(ITS)被认为是智慧城市概念不可或缺的一部分。根据ITS的想法,现存于私人和公共车辆中的智能技术将使车辆管理便宜且不那么复杂。成功部署ITS的一些障碍是其可靠性,可扩展性,互操作性和安全性。通信在ITS中起着重要作用,并且Wi-Fi /蜂窝技术已用于促进车对服务器(C2S)和服务器对服务器(S2S)类型的通信。车对车(C2C)通信作为一种资源受限且更具挑战性的模型而出现。由于严格的实时性,低延迟和高安全性要求,C2C提供了几种研究途径。在这项工作中,我们调查了ITS C2C架构的网络和安全问题。根据我们的研究,我们提出了一种使用事件触发的信息广播进行C2C通信的有效方法。我们使用基于公钥基础结构(PKI)的发件人身份验证进行信息验证。此外,我们提供了基于机器学习的解决方案,以解决C2C通信过程中遇到的一些常见问题。



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