Exhibit B: Agreement on Wolford Mountain Reservoir and Green Mountain Reservoir Exchanges. Environmental Assessment




The Exhibit B Agreement was created to avoid shortages and/or to mitigate any existing shortage caused by an operating limitation at Green Mountain Reservoir (Green Mountain) by using available storage space and stored water at Wolford Mountain Reservoir (Wolford Mountain). This avoidance and/or mitigation would increase the reliability of water delivery to the beneficiaries in the service areas of both CRWCD and NCWCD. See Figure 1.1 for the location of Green Mountain, Wolford Mountain, and the service areas of CRWCD and NCWCD. An operating limitation could result in a decreased rate of water release, required minimum or maximum elevation of the reservoir, a mandated reservoir evacuation, a limitation on the amount of inflow that could be stored, or any other constraint put in place by Reclamation that reduces the ability to make releases from Green Mountain.



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