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It's difficult enough to open and maintain a plating shop for more than 40 years, especially in heavily-regulated California. But to make it even tougher, Four-D Metal Finishing decided to move across town to a new facility, taking a few of its existing plating lines with it and installing a lot of new equipment in a spacious shop it essentially built from the ground up. Peter and Matt Deguara, the father-and-son owners of Four-D, recently undertook the process of moving most of their operation from Sunnyvale into a new space in nearby Santa Clara. While just five miles from their old shop, the experience of shutting down and moving various plating operations-as well as installing new plating lines-was anything but smooth and easy.
机译:开设和维护电镀车间超过40年非常困难,尤其是在加利福尼亚州受到严格监管的情况下。但是,为了使其更加坚固,Four-D Metal Finishing决定将整个城镇转移到新的工厂,同时使用其现有的一些电镀线,并在基本上从头开始建造的宽敞车间中安装了许多新设备。 。四维父子的彼得和马特·德瓜拉(Peter and Matt Deguara)最近进行了将大部分业务从森尼韦尔迁入附近圣塔克拉拉的新空间的过程。虽然距离他们的老店只有五英里,但关闭和移动各种电镀操作以及安装新的电镀生产线的经验却并非一帆风顺。



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