Illusion or Intention? Talking Grand Strategy into Existence


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Richard Betts argued that strategy-the idea that a state's political ends could be reliably linked to its coercive means-is a necessary illusion. Without strategy, war is mindless killing; but its rationales cannot guide state choices because there is a yawning gap between the macro level where strategy is articulated and the micro level of day-to-day choices. That gap is particularly insurmountable when beginning, as Betts does, from a rationalist model of action. I propose that grand strategy is best understood as a case of collective intentionality, a concept that amends the rationalist framework in a way that makes it possible to clarify an analytic pathway from grand strategy to state behavior. Crucial to this pathway are legitimation processes found in forums, and I argue that grand strategies can pull state behavior when they are tied to forums. Focusing on the interstate case, I develop a causal mechanism from the forum, to ways of talking, to commitment-consistent behavior. I illustrate the argument with an example from the Concert of Europe. Stacie E. Goddard and Ronald R. Krebs propose that legitimation processes might be particularly successful where institutions are weak. My framework helps flesh out that proposition: even in anarchy, action commitments can affect states' behavior through the mechanisms of the forum.
机译:理查德·贝茨(Richard Betts)认为,战略-一种将国家的政治目的可以可靠地与其强制手段联系在一起的想法-是一种必要的幻想。没有战略,战争就是盲目杀戮。但是它的原理无法指导国家选择,因为在阐明战略的宏观层面和日常选择的微观层面之间存在着巨大的差距。正如贝茨(Betts)所言,从理性主义的行动模式开始时,这种差距尤其不可克服。我建议最好将大战略理解为集体意图的案例,该概念以某种方式修改了理性主义框架,从而有可能阐明从大战略到国家行为的分析路径。论坛中的合法化过程对这一途径至关重要,我认为,大战略可以将国家行为与论坛联系在一起,从而拉动国家行为。我着眼于州际案件,从论坛,对话方式到承诺一致的行为,发展了一种因果机制。我以欧洲音乐会的例子来说明这一论点。 Stacie E. Goddard和Ronald R. Krebs提出,在制度薄弱的地方,合法化过程可能会特别成功。我的框架有助于充实这一主张:即使在无政府状态下,行动承诺也可以通过论坛的机制影响国家的行为。


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    《Security studies》 |2015年第1期|61-94|共34页
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    Mitzen Jennifer;

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    Ohio State Univ, Dept Polit Sci, Columbus, OH 43210 USA;

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