A New Bunun Aborigines’ Educational Aspect of Cultural Identity Design in Taiwan




The Tongpu community is a minority Bunun aborigine tribe located in Jade Mountain area. Due to its location in the national park, the economic development is vulnerable by the impact of national policy, leading to widening gaps between rich and poor, and population exodus, etc. Although this area is rich for its cultural and natural landscape, the Tongpu is reliant on farming, primarily fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, plums, sweet pepper, and tea. Our research team members have first contacted Tongpu community in 2010, for helping the local community to build their new Bunun Aborigines’ Tribal characteristics through Cultural Identity Design. Then, again in 2012 we helped Tongpu community to construct their logos systems for the farmers through educational process with the aid of our students. As the design workers, we hope to inspire new creativity and to introduce various products and exclusive images of the Tongpu community, in addition to activating the local industry thus increasing the income of the residents, and enhancing the visibility of the local culture. We aim at empowering Tongpu's aboriginal history, their geography and cultural connotations, to let their voices be heard, in order to create a formative cultural brand name in the near future.



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