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An evaluation of speeding in freeway work zones and analysis of countermeasures.


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A common occurrence in highway construction work zones is excessive speeding by motorists approaching and passing through the work activity area, resulting in higher risks associated with maintaining traffic during construction. It is not practical in many projects to close the highway during construction and re-route traffic to detour roadways, so mixing traffic and construction has become commonplace. Furthermore, the national interstate system has reached or exceeded its original design life, so we are faced with a complete reconstruction of the system over the next generation, resulting in a long-term continuation and exacerbation of this problem for both motorists and construction workers. Several studies have shown the link between excessive speeding in work zones and an increased rate of traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities, while other research has examined the ineffectiveness of traffic control devices and other traditional countermeasures intended to reduce speeding. The concern over work zone safety is wide-spread, with calls for improvements by all stakeholders, including highway agencies, construction contractors, labor unions, and insurance carriers.; In this research, speed data was collected at ten active freeway construction project sites in the southeast Michigan region in order to characterize speeding behavior in terms of two parameters: location of motorists along their approach to the actual work activity area, and the type of project or work zone features that might influence speeding. The data evaluation shows a clear pattern in speeding behavior as a function of location, as well as certain project types or work zone features do encourage excessive speeding. This knowledge can be useful in identifying those high-risk projects that need special attention during design and construction of work zone traffic control devices plans.; In another facet of this research, a driving simulator, using computer-generated images to represent alternative work zone speeding countermeasures, was shown to be an effective tool in evaluating their relative impacts on speeding behavior. The simulator was used to test two specific countermeasures, resulting in conclusions concerning the effectiveness of each one. One countermeasure was effective in reducing speeding, and the other was not. This approach would be a low-cost option for designers and operators as they develop maintaining traffic plans prior to construction.


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    Mitchell, James Gregory.;

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    Wayne State University.;

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  • 学科 Health Sciences Occupational Health and Safety.; Engineering Civil.
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  • 年度 2004
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