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A technique for the elucidation of corm microstructures of a cotton-sedge, Eriophorum vaginatum, using X-ray muCT imaging.


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X-ray computed tomography (CT) has recently been effectively applied to botanical research as a suite of non-destructive imaging methods. The application of Medical X-ray CT and X-ray muCT was investigated to digitally examine the tussock and corm of Eriophorum vaginatum, an ecologically important sedge species in arctic tussock-tundra and boreal peatlands. A Toshiba Aquilion 64 Medical X-ray CT scanner was successfully used to image the morphological components of the E. vaginatum tussock with details at the tissue-level being marginally apparent in the images. This result suggested that higher-resolution scans to study corm tissues may be possible. Thus, a novel technique was developed to scan isolated corms with a GE MS8X-130 X-ray muCT scanner. Optimal imaging parameters included scanning' corms at 80kVp and 100muA using an isotropic voxel size of 10mum. A Gaussian blur image filter was applied to the optimal dataset to improve tissue detection and visual contrast of images with minimal loss of feature boundaries. A blur radius (sigma) of 2 pixels reduced image noise by 99.2%. With this X-ray muCT technique, several undocumented anatomical characteristics of the corm were identified including the vascular connections between branching corms and the 3D shape and location of sclereid clusters. Sclereid clusters are lance shaped and their perimeter is greatly reinforced by sclereids with thicker secondary cell walls as compared to those of the interior of the cluster. This structure of sclereid clusters and their association with leaf traces in' groups suggests they may protect vascular tissues from physical damage by stabilizing the leaf-corm connection. In contrast, sclereid clusters were not located at the interface between corms and cormels which allows for them to be easily separated. Sclereid cluster stabilization of this interface may not be required either due to the ability of each corm to initiate tussock growth or due to the compact tussock morphology which may render such strengthening irrelevant for survival of this species. In conclusion, X-ray muCT is an excellent tool to determine the 3D structure of E. vaginatum corms, while the use of lower resolution Medical X-ray CT scanning supports the investigation of the branching architecture of the tussock. Medical X-ray CT and X-ray muCT scans may be used in future to detect alterations in tussock and tissue structure or chemistry in response to environmental changes within E. vaginatum and in similar species.;Keywords: Medical X-ray CT, X-ray muCT, microtomography, Eriophorum vaginatum, cotton-sedge, sclereid clusters, tussock architecture, 3D image
机译:X射线计算机断层摄影(CT)最近已作为一套非破坏性成像方法有效地应用于植物研究。对医用X射线CT和X射线muCT的应用进行了研究,以数字方式检查了北极草的苔藓和北方泥炭地中生态上重要的莎草种类-阴道内的草E。成功使用Toshiba Aquilion 64 Medical X射线​​CT扫描仪对阴道大肠杆菌的形态成分进行了成像,在图像中组织水平的细节很少出现。这一结果表明,更高分辨率的扫描可以研究球茎组织。因此,开发了一种新颖的技术,用GE MS8X-130 X射线muCT扫描仪扫描孤立的球茎。最佳成像参数包括使用10mum的各向同性体素以80kVp和100muA的速度扫描球茎。将高斯模糊图像滤镜应用于最佳数据集,以在不损失特征边界的情况下改善图像的组织检测和视觉对比度。 2像素的模糊半径(sigma)将图像噪声降低了99.2%。借助这种X射线muCT技术,可以识别出一些未记录的球茎解剖特征,包括分支球茎之间的血管连接以及3D形状和硬化簇的位置。硬化细胞簇呈长矛形,与细胞簇内部相比,其硬化细胞具有更大的次级细胞壁,从而大大加强了它们的周边。硬化菌簇的结构及其与叶片痕迹的关联表明它们可以通过稳定叶片与球茎的连接来保护血管组织免受物理损害。相比之下,硬化菌团不位于球茎和球茎之间的界面,这使得它们易于分离。由于每个球茎启动丛生的能力或紧凑的丛生形态可能不需要这种界面的硬化簇稳定,这可能使这种增强与该物种的生存无关。总之,X射线muCT是确定阴道阴茎球茎3D结构的出色工具,而使用较低分辨率的医学X射线CT扫描则有助于研究the的分支结构。医用X射线CT和X射线muCT扫描可能会在将来用于检测响应于大肠杆菌和类似物种内环境变化的丛枝和组织结构或化学变化;关键词:医用X射线CT,X射线muCT,显微断层扫描,阴道Eriophorum,棉莎草,硬化菌簇,丛状结构,3D图像


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