High spectral resolution solid state infrared spectrometer for atmospheric air quality measurement


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Spectrometers, in which a grating is coupled with a two dimensional detector array to provide high resolution spectra without the need for spectral scan mechanisms can be designed in compact, rugged, configurations, making them well suited for spaceborne spectral mapping applications. We are pursuing the use of this technology for spaceborne tropospheric air quality monitoring, targeting high spectral resolution solar reflective and thermal emission spectroscopy in the wavelength range 2 to 5 μm. In this region key tropospheric pollutant and greenhouse gases such as O_3, CO, CO_2, CH_4, HCHO, and H_2O, have strong spectral features. The relatively short wavelengths allow for the use of well-developed detector technology and passive cooling. With sufficient resolving power, sensitivity, and judicious combination of spectra, good information on tropospheric vertical distributions, including boundary layer data, can be obtained. This paper describes the performance characteristics of a laboratory prototype of such a spectrometer, focused on the measurement of CO spectra in the range 4.56 to 4.73 μm. The design uses a cooled grating and optical train, coupled with a cooled 1024 × 1024 pixel HgCdTe array. It achieves a spectral resolution of ~0.32 cm~(-1) and NESR of 5.8 × 10~(-9) w/cm2/sr/cm~(-1). Both laboratory absorption spectra and zenith-looking air emission spectra of CO are presented. The spectrometer is the pre-cursor to a combined 4.6/2.33 μm instrument being developed under NASA funding and designed to demonstrate the unique vertical information capability of such a combination for tropospheric CO measurement. We give a brief discussion of a spaceborne concept focused on this technique.
机译:可以将光栅与二维检测器阵列耦合以提供高分辨率光谱而无需光谱扫描机制的光谱仪可以紧凑,坚固的配置进行设计,使其非常适合于星载光谱制图应用。我们正在将该技术用于对流层对流层空气质量监测,其目标是在2至5μm波长范围内的高光谱分辨率太阳反射光谱和热发射光谱。在该地区,主要的对流层污染物和温室气体如O_3,CO,CO_2,CH_4,HCHO和H_2O具有很强的光谱特征。相对较短的波长允许使用成熟的检测器技术和被动冷却。具有足够的分辨能力,灵敏度和适当的光谱组合,可以获得有关对流层垂直分布的良好信息,包括边界层数据。本文介绍了这种光谱仪的实验室原型的性能特征,重点是在4.56至4.73μm范围内测量CO光谱。该设计使用冷却的光栅和光学系统,以及冷却的1024×1024像素HgCdTe阵列。它的光谱分辨率为〜0.32 cm〜(-1),NESR为5.8×10〜(-9)w / cm2 / sr / cm〜(-1)。给出了CO的实验室吸收光谱和看似顶点的空气发射光谱。该光谱仪是在美国国家航空航天局(NASA)资助下开发的组合式4.6 / 2.33μm仪器的前身,旨在证明这种组合对流层CO测量的独特垂直信息功能。我们简要讨论了以该技术为中心的星载概念。



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