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In 2013 an important ESA Core Explorer Mission, EarthCARE is scheduled to be launched. EarthCARE, (the Earth, Clouds, Aerosol and Radiation Explorer) will comprise two active (a cloud-profiling radar (CPR) and an high spectral resolution atmospheric lidar (ATLID)) and two passive (a Multi-spectral imager (MSI) and a Broad-Band Radiometer (BBR)) instruments. With these, EarthCARE will enable cloud and aerosol properties retrievals consistent with a Top-of-Atmospheric (TOA) flux accuracy of 10 Wm~(-2). This will be achieved by simultaneously probing the atmosphere vertically with the active instruments in synergy with the passive instruments. In order to facilitate and optimize algorithm development and to quantify the effect of different instrument configurations on the mission performance a simulator for EarthCARE (ECSIM) has been developed. ECSIM relies strongly upon a previous prototype1 developed by ESA/KNMI where a combination of forward and retrieval models (full End-to-End capabilities) have been included. In order to make this tool more useful within the scientific and engineering communities, the prototype simulator has been embedded into a completely reorganized architecture intended to improve a number of aspects: 1. Complex algorithms have been enclosed within logical entities: models. 2. Models are connected in a logical sequence with well-defined interfaces. 3. Users can customize almost every model's parameter values using configuration XML files. 4. Model outputs are well documented and stored in easy to access NetCDF files. 5. Complex simulations can be built up with a few mouse clicks. 6. Users can run lengthy simulations automatically iterating through different parameter values. 7. ECSIM can intercept and classify information and error messages from the simulations. 8. A database is maintained with all the information generated by the system. 9. It is possible to add third-party algorithms or tools to convert, analyze and visualize data extracted from generated products.
机译:计划在2013年启动一项重要的ESA Core Explorer任务,即EarthCARE。 EarthCARE(地球,云,气溶胶和辐射浏览器)将包括两个主动式(云剖面雷达(CPR)和高光谱分辨率大气激光雷达(ATLID))和两个被动式(多光谱成像仪(MSI)和宽带辐射计(BBR))仪器。有了这些,EarthCARE将能够以10 Wm〜(-2)的最高大气(TOA)通量精度进行云和气溶胶特性的检索。这将通过同时与有源仪器和无源仪器同时垂直探测大气来实现。为了促进和优化算法开发并量化不同仪器配置对任务性能的影响,已经开发了适用于EarthCARE的模拟器(ECSIM)。 ECSIM强烈依赖于ESA / KNMI开发的以前的原型1,其中包含转发和检索模型(完整的端到端功能)的组合。为了使此工具在科学和工程界更加有用,原型模拟器已嵌入到经过完全重组的体系结构中,旨在改善许多方面:1.逻辑实体(模型)中包含了复杂的算法。 2.模型按逻辑顺序与定义明确的接口连接。 3.用户可以使用配置XML文件自定义几乎每个模型的参数值。 4.模型输出文件记录清楚,并存储在易于访问的NetCDF文件中。 5.只需单击几下鼠标,即可建立复杂的仿真。 6.用户可以通过不同的参数值自动进行冗长的仿真。 7. ECSIM可以拦截和分类来自模拟的信息和错误消息。 8.维护数据库,其中包含系统生成的所有信息。 9.可以添加第三方算法或工具来转换,分析和可视化从生成的产品中提取的数据。



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