Research on the Strategy for Series-Connected Transformer Magnetic Saturation and Magnetizing Inrush Current Suppression in Dynamic Voltage Restorers




Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is an increasingly popular voltage compensator mainly used for mitigating voltage sags through the series-connected transformer that connects electric distribution system and AC sub-system or load. The high response speed required for voltage compensation makes DC magnetic bias and magnetic saturation apt to occur when series-connected transformer in DVR outputs voltages, which may cause the waveform distortion of output offset voltages, or even worse, the failure to compensate. In consequence, observations and suppression of transformer magnetic saturation and magnetizing inrush current are imperative during voltage compensation. To realize that purpose, this paper proposes a method by which the flux linkage of the transformer that is regarded as a state variable can be directly controlled, and then verifies it through co-simulation by using the software Ansys Simplorer, Matlab and Ansys Maxwell from three parts.
机译:动态电压恢复器(DVR)是一种越来越流行的电压补偿器,主要用于通过连接配电系统和交流子系统或负载的串联变压器缓解电压纱线。电压补偿所需的高响应速度使得DC磁偏置和磁饱和ApT在DVR中的串联变压器输出电压中时发生,这可能导致输出偏移电压的波形失真,甚至更差,无法补偿。结果,在电压补偿期间,变压器磁饱和度和磁化浪涌电流的观察和抑制是必要的。为了意识到目的,本文提出了一种方法,通过该方法可以直接控制被视为状态变量的变压器的磁通连接,然后通过使用软件ANSYS Spartorer,Matlab和Ansys Maxwell来验证它通过共模验证三个部分。



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