(US-Japan Workshop on Fusion Neutronics at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, May 25-26, and Visits to Savar, Bangladesh, April 20-May 19, Beijing, China, May 21-24, and Tokai, Japan, May 29-30): Foreign Trip Report

机译:(美国 - 日本大阪大学融合中子学研讨会,日本大阪,5月25日至26日,访问孟加拉国萨瓦尔,4月20日至5月19日,中国北京,5月21日至24日,日本东海,5月29日-30):外国旅行报告



This trip was initiated by a request from IAEA for USA expert assistance in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) had acquired a 3MW TRIGA MARK-II research reactor and their specialist needed help in the development of computer codes and data for the effective utilization and analysis of their reactor. Nuclear data recognized as an international standard was installed on a BAEC computer at Savar. The traveler was invited to China (PRC) to discuss multigroup cross section processing methods used at ORNL. Also, the traveler participated in a US-Japan workshop on fusion neutronics at Osaka University where he discussed the activities of RSIC. An orientation visit to JAERI resulted in the collection of information of potential use in US DOE programs, a better understanding of their research activities, and an opportunity to develop personal relationships with JAERI staff.



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