From P0 to P6 medicine, a model of highly participatory, narrative, interactive, and “augmented” medicine: some considerations on Salvatore Iaconesi’s clinical story

机译:从P0到P6医学,一种高度参与,叙事,互动和“增强”医学的模型:关于Salvatore Iaconesi临床故事的一些考虑



Abstract: Salvatore Iaconesi was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. He decided to share his clinical records not only with doctors but with everybody who wishes to find him a cure. “Because cure is not unique,” he emphasizes “there are cures for the body and cures for the soul, and everyone, from a painter to a musician, can find me a cure. Please, feel free to take my clinical history for example and let it become a game, a video, a music, a picture, whatever you like.” The emblematic hallmark of the changing times, Salvatore Iaconesi’s case is an example of how many profound revolutions and steps medicine has undertaken during the past few centuries. Stemming from a form of remote medical paternalism and arriving at the concept of a therapeutic alliance, medicine nowadays faces challenges and opportunities at a level before unforeseeable and unimaginable. The new concept of P6 medicine (personalized, predictive, preventive, participatory, psychocognitive, and public) is discussed, together with its profound implications.
机译:摘要:Salvatore Iaconesi最近被诊断出患有脑肿瘤。他决定不仅与医生,而且与希望找到他的治疗方法的所有人分享他的临床记录。他强调说:“因为治愈不是唯一的,所以有治愈身体和灵魂的方法,从画家到音乐家,每个人都能找到治愈方法。请随意以我的临床病史为例,并随心所欲地将它变成游戏,视频,音乐,图片。” Salvatore Iaconesi案是时代变迁的标志性标志,是过去几个世纪中医学已进行了许多深刻革命和步骤的一个例子。源于一种偏远的医学家长式作风,并形成了治疗联盟的概念,如今的医学面临着前所未有的,无法想象的挑战和机遇。讨论了P6医学的新概念(个性化,预测性,预防性,参与性,心理认知性和公共性)及其深远意义。



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