Electrochemical migration behavior of Ag-plated Cu-filled electrically conductive adhesives


The electrochemical migration (ECM) behavior of the electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) filled with pure Ag powder or Ag-plated Cu composite powder with varied Ag:Cu ratios was investigated under the condition of applying constant voltage and distilled water environment.ECM resistance was determined from the current-time curves.The microstructure and composition of ECM dendrite products were analyzed by SEM/EDS and XRD.It was found that the ECM resistance of Ag-plated Cu composite powder-filled ECAs was evidently higher than that of pure Ag powder-filled ECAs.The Ag:Cu ratio of composite powder in ECAs had notable influence on ECM resistance,which was enhanced with the decrease of Ag:Cu ratios.The composition of dendrites formed between cathode and anode during ECM process was not uniform for Ag-plated Cu-filled ECAs.An ECM inhibiting mechanism of Ag-plated Cu composite powder was proposed according to analysis of the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy,Tafel plot and dendrite composition.



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