A wireless-communication-based measurement of gas pressure with capsule-slime sealing device


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To solve the existing problems of imperfect sealing and the inaccurate measurement of gas pressure in traditional sealing,the present study builds a new model of capsule-slime sealing device based on wireless pressure gauge.The new sealing device is mainly composed of two sets of capsules,a capsule connecting piece and a slime part,measures the pressure through the wireless communication technology,and seals through chemical reaction in the capsule,which generates gas to expand the capsule and extrude the pre-stored slime.Two methods of extruding pre-stored slime are proposed:in the first method,transverse force is generated by the expansion of the capsules at both ends,pushing the capsules toward the middle through the chute and squeezing the pre-stored slime out;in the second,high-pressure gas generated in the capsules is led into the expansion tube,which is inserted into the storage tube,squeezing it and letting the slime out to complete the sealing process.Then the research studies the effect of sealing under the condition of drilling with the structure of slime storage tube.The results indicate that the maximum standing time of slime wrapped in metal net is 2 h,instead of the expected 10 d,failing to meet the sealing requirements.When the slime viscosity is 1200–3000 m Paás in the structure of slime storage tube,the best viscosity of slime is achieved and can simulate sealing the drilling hole(5–4,4–2.36,2.36–1.18,1.18–0.15 mm in diameter),as well as the gap caused by mixed sand accumulation.


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    《矿业科学技术(英文版)》 |2019年第006期|917-923|共7页
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    Key Laboratory of Coal Methane and Fire Control Ministry of Education China University of Mining & Technology Xuzhou 221116 China;

    National Professional Laboratory for Fundamental Research of Mine Gas and Dust Control Technology Xuzhou 221116 China;

    School of Safety Engineering China University of Mining & Technology Xuzhou 221116 China;

    State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining China University of Mining & Technology Xuzhou 221116 China;

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