The Value of Cleanliness in the view of the Students of Two Higher Education Institutions


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机译:Education is definitely related to values;therefore, in order to nurture them, it is necessary to initially determine the perception of values by individuals and groups. This study investigates the importance of the value of cleanliness as understood by the students in higher education in Turkey and Lithuania. It is based on a case study, the data being selected from the research conducted in both countries in 2011–2012 using the qualitative research methods, the semi-structured interview (?cal, Kyburiene,& Yi?ittir, 2012). The respondents included 32 students from Lithuania, and 40 students from Turkey. The study explores how the value of cleanliness was understood by students in both countries. The findings of the research not only reveal the difference in the perception of the value of on individual and social platforms but also the dependence of this perception on the society the respondents represented as well as the religion, traditions, and culture. However, the study revealed that in certain aspects, the perception of the value of the students from two different countries of different religion and culture has some features in common.


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