The New Detection and the Basic Characteristics of the Structural System of Taiwan Region of China -Using the Earth Satellite's Remote-sensing Images to Explain the Structural System of Taiwan Region of China.


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This text uses the regional geological investigation data and the remote sensing image data of earth-satellite remote sensing to synthetically analyze the structural system of Taiwan region of China. Authors detection-marked and assurance-marked and divided 5 kinds of structural system of the Taiwan region: (1) the wreath-shaped structural system, (2) the N-N-E oriented structural system, (3) the S-N oriented structural system, (4) the N-E oriented structural system, (5) the arc-shaped structural system. Combination of the texture faces and associated method were adopted to recover and reconstruct the structural evolution sequences and the formation periods. In this paper, problems such as the development process in geology etc. are also discussed, contributing new information to research the structural field of the East Asia and its tectonic plate movements and structural actions inside the land plate .


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