The Application of Augmented Reality Technology on Museum Exhibition - A Museum Display Project in Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs

机译:增强现实技术在博物馆展览上的应用 - 汉代汉代博物馆展览项目



Augmented Reality (AR) technology currently is widely used in the fields of military, medical, entertainment, Tourism, industrial and etc. In our research, we applied the AR technology into the exhibition of the historical relics in the Mawangdui Han dynasty tombs China. Thousands of the unearthed historical relics have close connections with each other in both cultural and spacial value. However, they are exhibited separately in traditional exhibition way. In this research, we have promoted a new method by using the AR technology to exhibit the historical relics together through the mobile terminal. This project has achieved impressive results on a scaled down model test. This application first captures real scene and detects features, then loads the 3D structure or animation after building the real word coordinate system from the data obtained before. Through the real-time rendering, we are able to argument archaeological features onto the real word scene, enable the audience to get much realer and richer museum experience. This method not only demonstrates a clear position and historical content of different historical relics but also provides interaction between users and historical relics. It brings a new exhibition method in the museum and people would enjoy a more interesting museum experience.
机译:增强现实(AR)技术目前广泛应用于军事,医疗,娱乐,旅游,工业等领域的研究中,我们将AR技术应用于Mawangdui Han Dynbs Combs China的历史文物展览。成千上万出土的历史文物在文化和空间价值中彼此密切相关。然而,它们以传统的展览方式单独展出。在这项研究中,我们通过使用AR技术通过移动终端展示了历史文物来推广了一种新方法。该项目在缩小模型测试中取得了令人印象深刻的结果。此应用程序首先捕获实际场景并检测功能,然后在从之前获得的数据构建实际字坐标系后加载3D结构或动画。通过实时渲染,我们能够参与真正的词场的考古特征,使观众能够获得更加真实的博物馆经验。这种方法不仅展示了不同历史文物的明确地位和历史内容,而且还提供了用户与历史文物之间的互动。它为博物馆带来了一个新的展览方法,人们会享受更有趣的博物馆经验。



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