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Ever since the split second on such a birthday when the human species hademerged onto Earth, people have killed andharmed one another to establish empires, wealth, power, predominance, socialstrata, fame, successes, etc for selfish aggrandizement;but none of such lifetime have been wisely spent because all conquerors and/orwinners have died, much as all ordinary people andlosers do. Therefore, all their cunning, brutal, and hell-for-leatherrampages, campaigns, maneuvers, intrigues, duplicities, chicaneries,deceptions, etc eventually have been but foolish dissipations of lifespan invain in pursuit of any thing but that which can last. Andfurthermore, billions of innocent people have already been defrauded,deceived, brainwashed, victimized, and/or inflicted in respect to theauthentic and genuine truth and true reality of universe containing life,mind, and other existences. Even as recent as December 2012,delusional faiths in the country of India of multiple faiths had driven manyIndian men into gang-raping and murdering their fellow countrywoman in a most uncivilized manner. All people's all uncivilized conducts andinner sufferings can only ultimately root in delusional faithsbecause only their deceptive faiths, beliefs, and hence mindsets drive theminto their behaviors and then ways of life.The most significant invention is the one that significantly extends humanlifespan. Although throughout the human historythere have been countless failed attempts and tricks to protract inevitabledeaths, none of these tricks has successfully extendedanyone's lifespan for even few decades.Had these inventions not come to fruition, and so long as the human race canstill endure the living conditions on this planet,people will continue enduring short lifespan and diseases, and countless faithpredators will continue defrauding, brainwashing,victimizing billions of faith victims, as since the emergence of humankind onthis planet they have always battened on their faith victimsthroughout the world and even have sexually exploited/molested the innocentchildren of their faith victims in none other than the placesof worship. The places of worship are also sometimes used as their bases forother crime: as, some faith predators have actually beencharged for selling child pornography, etc in none other than the places ofworship. Therefore, these inventions are of unprecedentedand historic significance, practicality, and value since they qualify toextend lifespan, and to prevent future billions of innocent humanbeings from continuously being defrauded, brainwashed, victimize, and/orharmed by faith predators with their delusional faiths, and theyrevolutionize and upgrade the vision, sphere, and capability of the humanity.My qualification cannot manifest it clearer to me that the effective ways andstrategies to prevent or reduce the sufferings ofinnocent lives from continuing being misled, brainwashed, victimized, and/orharmed are to create revolutionary devices to extendlifespan, and design the ultimate telescope outclassing all others so as toachieve resolution and power billions of times higher than anyexisting telescopes and so on. As a member of true integrity and righteousnessof the human species and we are stumbling across oneanother on the universal yet against-our-will-journey of aging towardsinevitable death instincts, I am behooved and honor-bound toprovide the humankind with these inventions to upgrade human lifespan and todispel the worldwide spiritual plague and precipices ofdelusional faiths, misled beliefs, misled perceptions, misled preconceptions,misled information, misled knowledge, misled science, etcthat have been deluding, victimizing, and/or afflicting the humanity since itsemergency tens of thousands of years ago. Only in so doing,said deceits, frauds, whoppers, delusions, etc against humankind can be solifted and dispelled that mankind will no longer suffer inignorance, delusion, deceit, pseudo-science, etc.Only the correct knowledge, insight, and faith about mind, life, and universecan be qualified, on all terms for anyone, toharness and/or manifest¨to the ultimate maxima¨the human potential of the mindand/or the body; otherwise, all talents, knowledge,knowing, faculties, etc are perpetually limited and confined within thespheres of apparent reality without ever becoming qualified to beexpanded into, upgraded into, or evolved into true reality transcending beyondapparent reality. Only by living true reality guided by theultimate faith (the truly correct and hence functioning faith/belief system)anyone can become qualified for life to enjoy mind freedom -includingemotional freedom, etc¨and omniscience in the sphere of true reality beyondapparent reality, resulting in becoming qualifiedto harness to the maxima of his or her human potential both of the body andmind To live true reality is selfsame as to live genuine"virtual paradise/heaven" without the requirement of deaths that must berequired for all people plagued by conventional and mainstreamdelusional religion/belief/faith systems to fantasizing their delusionalparadise, heaven, resurrection, reincarnation, etc.Perpetually motivated and controlled by their lifelong laziness, ignorance,and inability in making any honest living; and henceby their lifetime subsequent compulsion and greed to batten on, take advantageof, and victimize their fellow inscient human beings, faithpredators plaguing humankind have always been defrauding, victimizing, andbrainwashing countless faith victims and even theirinnocent in-between children with diehard delusional belief systems intobelieving that the universe and its existences have been createdby a Big Bang singularity, God, or other supreme beings; into believingkilling many tigers, sharks, bears, etc only to eat their penises,fins, pawls, etc to hallucinate attaining virility, longevity, etc; and intoinsist claiming that they have been abducted by aliens or witnessedaliens; into lying that they have experienced deaths only to have returnedfrom their near death experiences; into believing that the Earthis hollow with aliens living inside; into believing that the world would endon a definite date though I know that it is impossible toaccurately predict future events with certainty from the perspective of thetotality of the universe, into believing that lives have beenintegrated with and associated with recyclable souls, afterlife,reincarnation, hell, heaven, ghost, self, and innumerable other delusionalbeliefs; into even committing mass suicides as the 39 brainwashed faithvictims of the Heaven's Gate religion in California of the USAhad done; into becoming suicide murders as the 19 brainwashed hijackers'delusional faith had engineered 9/11 Event, etc; into lying andcanonizing someone's coincidental events as interceding miracles, etc;and¨above all¨into forever mistaking apparent reality for truereality, and hence acting upon living, suffering, and wasting their entirelives for such a state of mistaking apparent reality for true realityAnd some years ago at a 1996 press conference NASA had even deceived anddefrauded our human species' for enthusiasm andgovernment founding by having fraudulently claimed that on Earth a piece ofrock, containing evidence of life, arrived from Mars hadbeen found, but in fact it can never ever be probable for any life to everexist or have ever existed anywhere else throughout the entireuniverse. And it can never ever be probable for anyone to find any evidence oflife on Mars or anywhere else except Earth.The Law of Randomness established by me states that ultimately on the one handanything must encompass an element ofrandomness; on the other hand, only randomness can cause anything or state toachieve the culmination of that thing, much as onlyhand-polished lens can attain the ultimate precision of their size. And thenthe Law of Uniqueness likewise established by me states that,at the level tending to either infinite large or small and no matter howadamantly a person desire otherwise, everything throughout theuniverse must be and can only be unique; therefore, there cannot be anotherplanet or any other heavenly body like the Earth whichsustains life. Therefore, there has never been, and never is, and will neverbe any life anywhere throughout the entire universe. Forexample, albeit Popes have always done their best to conceal their secretsfrom their donors for decades, the above two laws hadrecently dictated a unique butler of one of the Popes to have just divulgedsome of the Vatican secrets against all their ardent wills to hidethem.Of course, all these faith predators plaguing their victims can for life boxthemselves in delusional faiths and blind themselvesfrom true reality, but by so doing they can never ever become qualified to tapinto their human potential to the maxima. And one of themost practical potentials is to enjoy lifelong true happiness, peace, etc. Itis because faith predators and their victims have lied so muchwith their ingrained delusional faiths that their deceptive mindset graduallystrikes root in their entire being so much so that they can onlyredeem and salvage themselves with exceptional resolutions and efforts to seekthe truly correct belief system¨the ultimate faith.Ultimately, it is because it is impossible for any delusional faiths tofunction in extricating, delivering, or redeeming anyone from sufferings(such as stress, anxieties, depression, PTSD, mind vexation, insomnia,obesity, addiction, vainness, emptiness of aim, anger, figment,etc) that certainly the faith predators plaguing their victims and even theirinnocent in-between children can choose to become dieharddelusional-faith followers till the end of life by enduring them, living them,and boxing themselves up with them¨as billions of theirancestors had already suffered and died in ignorance. But while they are aliveit is impossible for them to lie away their inner sufferings,just as no patients suffering from mental retardation can lie and pretendenjoying any life of intellectual or joy.In conclusion, it is impossible to eradicate human sufferings with delusionalfaith because only the correct knowledge, insight,and faith about universe including mind, life, and all other existences candeliver true happiness, peace, joy, etc. Delusional faiths cansink, snare, and incur their followers with endless sufferings and hopelessdeceptions no matter where they are or who they are: even ifthey are princes, princesses, etc their sufferings and deceptions can only beembellished with more deceptive facades. No sufferingscan convalesce through delusional faiths, no matter whichever popular kahunashave disseminated them. Delusional faiths can plagueand sink their followers into deeper and deeper snares and precipices ofdeception and suffering in the end. And only revolutionarydevise can extend lifespan in any significant way.The inventions that qualify to materialize and bring to fruition the ultimateopportunity which can upgrade and correcthumankind's fundamental knowledge, perception, faith, etc about the universe,mind, life, extended lifespan, etc are to be articulated inthe specification hereinbelow.DEDICATIONI am honor-bound and conscience-obligated to associate with these inventionsmy deepest gratitude and thanks to my mostgracious and compassionate both step-father Mr. Zhou Yu and mother Mrs.Jianping Liu for their lifelong absolute faith and trust in meand financial assistance that have enabled me to file a small portion of my5,000 + patentable inventions which are several times morethan Thomas Alva Edison's standing 1,097 world patent record and Leonardo daVinci's many concept draft drawings combined.One of my honor-bound callings in life is to prove and demonstrate the worldthat in reality the Chinese are the greatestinventers of all. In ancient time, the Chinese had invented gunpowder,printing, paper, first guns, compass, etc. And as long as I havethe financial means, I can most so easily beat both Thomas Alva Edison'sstanding 1,097 world patent record and Leonardo da Vinci'smany concept draft drawings combined many times over, and then reset a newworld patent record. And I always challenge anyone'sinvention capability.I must express my deepest condolence and sympathy for my step-father's onlybeloved son who had been killed in amotorcycle accident at a very young age. I feel so deeply sorry and grief thatI had not at an earlier time filed my Ultimate Motorcyclists'Death Preventer invention herewith that could have prevented the untimelydeath of my step-father's only son. If I could, I would sacrificemy very own life without any selfish indecision if my life could be traded forhis. Any of the future proceeds of this invention shall becompletely donated to my step-father in honor of his young son.And anyone else who would and will invest and/or assist in filing the rest ofmy over 5,000 + patentable inventions will alsoalways be associated with and dedicated for my any specific patents yet to befiled.
机译:自从在这样一个生日那天的瞬间开始出现在地球上,人们已经杀死并相互伤害以建立帝国,财富,权力,优势,社会自私自利的阶层,名望,成功等;但由于所有征服者和/或胜利者已经死亡,就像所有普通百姓和失败者呢。因此,他们所有的狡猾,残酷和地狱般的皮革横冲直撞,战役,演习,阴谋诡计,重复,戏can,欺骗等最终成为了生命中愚蠢的浪费追求任何东西都是徒劳的,但可以持续下去的东西。和而且,数十亿无辜的人已经被骗了,欺骗,洗脑,受害和/或造成的包含生命的宇宙的真实真实的真理和真实存在,头脑和其他存在。即使是在2012年12月,印度的多种信仰中的妄想信仰驱使许多人印度男子参与轮奸和谋杀他们的同胞女人以最不文明的方式。所有人的所有不文明行为和内心的痛苦最终只能根植于妄想信仰因为只有他们的欺骗性信念,信念和心态才能驱动他们他们的行为,然后是生活方式。最重要的发明是显着扩展人类的发明寿命。虽然贯穿整个人类历史数不尽的失败尝试和花招使不可避免的事情持续下去死亡,这些技巧都没有成功扩展任何人的寿命长达数十年。这些发明没有实现,只要人类能够仍然忍受着这个星球上的生活条件,人们将继续忍受短暂的寿命和疾病,以及无数的信仰掠夺者将继续欺诈,洗脑,自从人类出现以来,数十亿信仰受害者就成为受害者他们一直把这个星球压在信仰受害者身上在世界各地,甚至对无辜者进行性剥削/骚扰他们的信仰受害者的孩子在其他地方崇拜。礼拜场所有时也被用作他们的基础其他犯罪:例如,某些信仰掠夺者实际上是因在其他地方出售儿童色情物品等而被指控崇拜。因此,这些发明是前所未有的和历史意义,实用性和价值,因为它们有资格延长寿命,并防止未来数十亿无辜人类避免不断被欺骗,洗脑,受害和/或被信仰掠夺者的妄想所伤害,他们革新和提升人类的视野,领域和能力。我的资格无法向我清楚地表明有效的方式和方法预防或减轻痛苦的战略继续被误导,洗脑,受害和/或无辜生活危害在于创造革命性的设备来扩展寿命,并设计出超越其他所有望远镜的终极望远镜实现分辨率和功率,比任何方法都要高数十亿倍现有的望远镜等等。作为真正正直和公义的成员的人类物种,我们跌跌撞撞另一篇关于衰老的普遍而又不利于我们的旅程不可避免的死亡本能,我被深深地迷住了为人类提供这些发明,以延长人类的寿命并消除世界范围内的精神灾难和妄想,误导的信念,误导的观念,误解的成见,信息被误导,知识被误导,科学被误导等自人类以来就一直在欺骗,侵害和/或折磨人类数万年前的紧急情况。只有这样,说对人类的欺骗,欺诈,欺骗,妄想等解除并驱散了人类将不再遭受无知,妄想,欺骗,伪科学等。只有关于思想,生活和宇宙的正确知识,洞察力和信念可以在任何条件下对任何人都有资格驾驭和/或体现至终极最大化-人的思维潜能和/或身体;否则,所有的才能,知识,知识,才能等永远受到限制和限制明显的现实领域而没有资格成为扩展,升级或演变成超越现实的真实世界明显的现实。只有通过现实生活指导下最终信念(真正正确并因此运作的信念/信念系统)任何人都可以有资格享受生活的自由,包括情感自由等,以及超越现实世界的全知表观现实,从而成为合格的利用身体或身体的最大潜力保持真实的生活与保持真实是一样的无需死亡的“虚拟天堂/天堂”所有受传统和主流困扰的人都需要幻想幻想/信仰/信仰系统幻想天堂,天堂,复活,轮回等他们一生的懒惰,无知,没有能力过诚实的生活;因此在他们的一生中被后来的强迫和贪婪束缚,利用信仰的同胞并破坏他们的信仰困扰人类的掠食者一直在欺骗,受害者和洗脑无数信仰受害者,甚至他们顽固的妄想信念系统的无辜中间儿童相信宇宙及其存在已被创造通过大爆炸的奇异性,上帝或其他至尊生物;相信杀死许多老虎,鲨鱼,熊等只是为了吃它们的阴茎,鳍,棘爪等,以使人获得阳刚,长寿等的幻觉;并入坚持声称他们已被外国人绑架或目击外星人撒谎说他们经历了死亡只是返回了从他们接近死亡的经历;相信地球空心,外星人住在里面;相信世界将会终结在一定的日期,虽然我知道这是不可能的从以下方面确定地准确预测未来事件整个宇宙,相信生命已经与可再生灵魂,来世,轮回,地狱,天堂,幽灵,自我和无数其他妄想信念;甚至因39个被洗脑的信仰而自杀美国加利福尼亚天堂之门宗教的受害者已经做;成为19名洗脑劫机者的自杀式谋杀案妄想信仰策划了9/11事件等;撒谎将某人的巧合事件归类为干预奇迹等;并且“永远高于一切”永远误以为真现实,因此对生活,苦难和浪费他们的全部生命采取行动为了这样的状态而生活:把表观的现实误认为真实的现实几年前,在1996年的一次新闻发布会上,NASA甚至欺骗了欺骗了我们人类的热情和政府通过欺诈性地宣称在地球上含有生命证据的岩石从火星抵达被发现了,但实际上它永远不可能永远存在整个地方都存在或曾经存在过宇宙。而且,任何人都不可能找到生活在火星上或地球以外的任何地方。我建立的随机法则指出,最终一方面任何事物都必须包含以下要素随机性另一方面,只有随机性才能导致任何事物或状态达到那个东西的顶峰手工抛光的镜片可以达到其尺寸的极致精度。接着我同样建立的唯一定律说,在趋于无限大或小的水平上,无论如何坚决地一个人渴望,否则,整个宇宙必须并且只能是唯一的;因此,不可能有另一个行星或其他类似地球的天体维持生命。因此,从来没有,从来没有,永远不会整个宇宙中任何地方的任何生命。对于例如,尽管教皇一直竭尽全力隐瞒自己的秘密从他们的捐助者那里几十年来,最近要求一位教宗的唯一管家泄露梵蒂冈的一些秘密,违背了他们所有的隐瞒意愿他们。当然,所有这些困扰受害者的信仰掠食者都能终生自己迷恋信仰而蒙蔽自己从真实的现实中来,但这样做绝对不可能使他们有资格利用最大限度地发挥其人类潜能。和其中之一最实际的潜力是享受终生的真正幸福,和平等。是因为信仰掠夺者及其受害者撒了很多谎他们根深蒂固的妄想信念,使他们的欺骗观念逐渐扎根于他们的整个存在,以至于他们只能通过非凡的决议和努力寻求救赎真正正确的信念体系-最终信念。归根结底,这是因为任何妄想信仰都不可能在使任何人摆脱苦难,救助或救赎中发挥作用(例如压力,焦虑,抑郁,创伤后应激障碍,精神烦恼,失眠,肥胖,成瘾,虚荣,空虚,愤怒,虚构人物,等),当然,信仰掠夺者困扰着他们的受害者,甚至他们的受害者无辜的中间孩子可以选择变得顽固妄想的信徒通过忍受他们的生命,直到生命的尽头,并与他们进行拳击-他们数十亿人祖先已经遭受苦难,死于无知。但是当他们还活着的时候他们不可能摆脱内在的痛苦,就像没有智力障碍的患者可以撒谎和假装一样享受任何知识分子或欢乐的生活。总而言之,用幻想来消除人类的痛苦是不可能的信仰,因为只有正确的知识,洞察力,对宇宙的信仰,包括思想,生命和所有其他存在,可以传递真正的幸福,和平,喜悦等。妄想可以沉没,圈套,使跟随者遭受无尽的痛苦和绝望欺骗,无论它们在哪里或是谁:即使他们是王子,公主等,他们的痛苦和欺骗只能是点缀更具欺骗性的外墙。没有痛苦可以通过妄想信仰来康复,无论哪种流行的卡胡纳人已经传播了他们。妄想信仰可能会困扰让他们的追随者陷入越来越深的网罗和悬崖峭壁欺骗和苦难到底。而且只有革​​命性的设计可以以任何重要方式延长使用寿命。有资格实现并实现最终成果的发明可以升级和纠正的机会人类对宇宙的基本知识,感知,信仰等,头脑,生命,寿命的延长等以下说明。专职我很荣幸和良心有责任与这些发明联系起来我由衷的感谢继父周瑜先生和母亲太太亲切而富有同情心。刘建平一生对我的绝对信任和信任和财务援助使我得以提交我的一小部分5,000多项可获专利的发明比托马斯·阿尔瓦·爱迪生(Thomas Alva Edison)的1,097项世界专利记录和莱昂纳多·达芬奇的许多概念草图已合并。生活中我受荣誉约束的电话之一就是证明和证明世界实际上中国人是最伟大的所有的发明者。在远古时代,中国人发明了火药,印刷,纸张,第一把枪,指南针等。只要我有从财务上来说,我可以轻松击败爱迪生(Thomas Alva Edison)拥有1,097项世界专利记录和Leonardo da Vinci的许多概念图图纸多次组合,然后重新设置新的世界专利记录。我总是挑战任何人的发明能力。我必须对继父唯一的儿子表示最深切的慰问和同情。亲爱的儿子在很小的时候就发生了摩托车事故。我感到非常抱歉和悲伤我之前没有提起终极摩托车手的诉讼因此,本来可以防止不合时宜的死亡防护器发明我继父唯一的儿子去世。如果可以的话,我会牺牲如果可以将我的生活换成我自己的生活,而没有任何自私的犹豫他的。本发明未来的任何收益应为完全捐赠给我的继父,以纪念他的小儿子。以及愿意并且将投资和/或协助归档其余部分的任何其他人我的超过5,000多项获得专利的发明也将始终与我尚未使用的任何特定专利相关联并致力于这些专利提起。


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