Public Health Assessment for Petitioned Public Health Assessment, Bovoni Dump,St. Thomas, St. Thomas County, U.S. Virgin Islands

机译:公共卫生评估申请公共卫生评估,Bovoni Dump,st。托马斯,美属维尔京群岛圣托马斯县



The Bovoni Landfill comprises approximately 34 acres on a southeast peninsula ofSt. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. This active landfill has a history of accepting municipal, industrial, and medical wastes and debris from construction activities and hurricanes. An underground fire at the landfill emits combustion products through fissures in the landfill surface. Based on a review of available data, ATSDR has concluded that the Bovoni Landfill site constitutes a public health hazard. Numerous physical hazards, such as fastmoving trucks, unstable earth, and potential fires and explosions exist as well as potentially harmful fumes emitted through open fissures and vents in the landfill surface. Potential exposure pathways have also been identified for groundwater, cistern water, and sediment.



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