Rhetorical Analysis of Science Policy Literature, 1960-1990. (1) Basic ResearchGoals: A Comparison of Political Ideologies. (2) Basic Research Goals: Perceptions of Key Political Figures

机译:科学政策文献的修辞分析,1960-1990。 (1)基础研究目标:政治思想比较。 (2)基础研究目标:关键政治人物的认知



As part of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) project on basic researchfor the 1990's the report provides a rhetorical analysis of science policy literature from 1960-1990. The document consists of two separate reports. The first considers the influence of ideology on arguments for funding basic science research. The thinking of mainstream American political participants is analyzed in order to present timelines that depict the major shifts in thinking about funding for basic science research in the targeted time span. The second report charts official pronouncements of key political figures, such as the Presidents, Cabinet Secretaries, and agency heads. The texts of 133 statements were evaluated by investigators trained in rhetorical analysis.



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